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Realizations, reality sets in

hey guys, how you guys been? Wala naman, i just want to share things Ive come to realize. Now that some things are going well, adjusting isnt that difficult, narealize ko lang how I reacted to things before so much!! Haha! I mean like over! But not to the situation but about the situation.. Gets? Yung hindi sa situation pero yung dahil sa situation. I seek too much help, I opened up like never before to others. I just thought as if what was happening back then wouldnt change so I was like that. Pero from now i guess ill be more private than ever!! Haha ill still tell if they ask but keep low in details. I do appreciate others though for their support and help. I realize that I need to just be me, take things very slow and things that are worth waiting for… Yung go with the flow lang with no expectations… Much love xx

I guess I am more capable of whats best for me, i learned and grew up lil bit.

Friendship is great foundation to everything. Friendship is very valuable.

When you are out for words, nothing to say, thats when you realize that youve come to terms that yesterday is past, youre in the present.

P.s. Ang kyut lang ng mga guys na lost for words pag kaharap ang gusto niyang girl! :)

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Hayyyyyyyyyyyyy ❤ (Pris avec Instagram)


Hayyyyyyyyyyyyy ❤ (Pris avec Instagram)

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july 7th

hey hey! how are you guys doing? I got to celebrate my birthday yesterday with friends! It was a good night. We watched amazing spiderman and ate at red robin afterwards. We planned to meet around 7 so we can go watch the movie early pero walanh enough seats for 12 in the 7:30 showing. Haha. So we went at 8:30 (and it did start at 9pm :/) We just walked to let time pass and nagtikim lang sa mojo froyo place. Haha. I am happy na we all had fun, lalo na nakasama si pau and angel (it wouldve been better if yeye was there also). Pinaka fun was when we’re at red robin. We went there quarter to 12am, and they closed at midnight! haha. I guess yun lang yung time na we got to chat and narevive yung energy haha! ang ingay lang namin, parang wala kami sa restaurant. But wala naman masyado tao doon. I dont know what to say, I mean it was fun the whole time we’re at the restau. Haha. They even told our server it was my bday so they can get a cake or ice cream, haha ginamit lang ako. But then again, it was Jonah’s initial idea! Haha :) The server just gave me balloons since the kitchen was already closed na daw. They even sang happy birthday to me, so loud! Ang kulit lang! Haha. I loved it! Haha. Can I tell you that server was really nice! Yun ang customer service! Haha. Oh yeah the movie was good, nateary kaya ako, natamaan ata! ;) It was lil dragging at start but was good movie. I realized something that night that I thought was good. It wasnt the best experience or moment to have but I got to experience it to give me a wake up call. All in all the night was good. I thank Lord for another year, all years he had given me, and the friends that came too. Thank You!!

P.S. Big Thank you for my kuyas!! The best :)

Its those moments where you dont judge people around you, with you. Where you can be yourself, and laugh all night long.. Those are the memories you want.. Friends you cherish. For evah! :) xxmuch love

When you thought everything is alright, when you tried to make it seem alright but at the end of the day, there is still the feeling of pain. It is not because you didnt get the result you hoped for, but you just took two steps than just one. You then realized, you rushed to be alright and have to take a backseat :)

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Uhm so it was like that..

hello! Geez ang init! Haha sauna na dito grabe! Musta guys?? I just turned a year older, danngg oldie! Haha. Everything is good with me so far, it was better. But you know what? Theres always questions in every outcome. Gets? Im too lazy to explain. ;) haha. Last few days, i had opportunity to figure out things, it was good to know everything I guess. Even though yung iba is hard to take in. Ok i dont know what to tell haha so bye na muna. Ttyl

Thanks?! SMH. Xxmuchlove

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hey again, Im pretty sure whenever I have thoughts in my mind, I stopped by and pour it all here so I apologize for my deep thoughts and probs?! Haha. I just realized na I think I did the right even though most people would say na I deserve better na I shouldve hold myself back and wait. Pero as much as we plan things or tell ourselves we wont do stuff, it all goes away when youre actually in the moment. No ones knows what will happen, how things will go so all we can do is be ready for basicskky anything. I didnt lose control naman and not give myself any worth. Naghintay ako.. And i dont know, its just my heart who did the rest I guess. I think that i wouldve thought the ‘what couldve have been’, if it happened the other way around. No worries, Im smarter, even though I did the first move, I know when to stop, what to do next. Im just not the type of person who can ignore others, I care too much for people that it affects me, bothers me but its my choice. Oh life, I can ony hope people wont take advantage of it, and realized that not all people would do same thing. If God forgives, why cant we… xx muchlove

We can always start fresh but it would not be the same like before, however it can be better though :)

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June 9th

hey guys! Im actually here at my cousin cian’s house. I have been planning to go to his house just visit him along with wanting to see friends that lives by here at East Valley. Last night (june 9th) I was able to watch pacbradley fight with friends and met new people. I did watch heat and celtics on game 7 as well. It was a good day regardless of the fight’s outcome. I saw my friends who I havent seen since last christmas. I had fun. Uhm I did something I told myself I wouldnt do it but I dont know. I dont know. Im just hoping that its worth it. xx muchlove

Got to follow your heart, take chances, but keep in mind the lessons you’ve learned. You deserve to be treated as someone with worth.

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hey guys! Musta? I just wanf to say few things lang about today. I went to my annual check-up today and the results were good! Hay thank you Lord, best ka talaga regardless whatever outcome it may be :) I also got the verification from my doc na I am indeed a cancer survivor. I honelty thought I just barely avoided having it, yun pala I avoided not having it be worse. Pero I dont mind it kne bit kasi Im thankful na may solusyon dun and Im recovering from it. i really hope itll be forever gone. Only GOd knows :) Well tomorrow Im going to my cousin Cian’s house just to visit him. Im going to stay for few days there and hopefully get a chance to also see people I havent seen for a long time. We might also watch the pac-bradlet fight, somehow na excite ako haha siguro because kasama ko pinsan ko hahah but all in all I hope itll be a good days ahead. xx Muchlove!

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The witness

Yes naman sa title ko. Mali pa yata nga yan. Haha. I just ate two types of ice cream after eating dinner. Thats the last one for now. Im goimg to try lose some pounds but not go on diet. Haha. Confusing! I just want to limit my sugar intake and lower my starch or a.k.a. rice. I cannot not eat rice or else -_- haha just for a month or maybe stay that way. Im going to a much healthier way of eating. I need this.. Since Im a coach myself! Alright have a goodnight everyone! Have a good month of June. Just saying June feels like years is almost over! xx muchlove!

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hello rambles

Hey guys ladies… I just thought I write since I stopped by to check out how my posts looked like. Haha even though I can’t somehow see it, something is wrong with this desktop! haha. How are we all doing? Its last day of May! Can you believe how time flies?? Its half of the year, June to be specific… Daaaang so fast! I wonder what the rest of the year has for me…. I hope its better than the last 5 months. I can only hope, right? :) We went to my cousin’s cousin high school grad last night, it was good having a get together late night with my friends and cousins. Like old times!! Angela (the one who graduated) did great with her speech, natamaan ako! hahaha she is also the top 1% of her class. Woo smart girl :) She and her ates are so smart and pretty ladies! Im happy for them, proud ate! Haha. Im old :/ haha. Actually they make me want to persevere and dream big, parang role model ko sila. Haha. Kahit si reish.. you know.. Its like the people who surrounds you are the people you look up to. Some may do it otherwise and see it as a competition (not the good one) but that wont do any good. I think we all have unique qualities and what we do best individually na it differentiates us from one another. Even if we do study the same course, or have same job, we still are different. We should help one another to be better each day to our craft. DAVAH?? :)) God’s time lang lahat yan. Si God lang may alam what’s best for us. Hay I hope this june is the start of a good months ahead.. Believe! xx muchlove

Keep on Believin, Keep on Tryin.. Because in the end, the only person who can stop you is YOU!

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DIY! It took pokes and patience to finish this. I was thinking to complete it but ill stop halfway since its too much studs. Rakenrol :)

DIY! It took pokes and patience to finish this. I was thinking to complete it but ill stop halfway since its too much studs. Rakenrol :)

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